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With contributions from leading experts in the field, Penflux team researches on the principles and guidelines for effective accountability for institutions, colleges, and universities. Achieving accountability in Higher Education clarifies the concept of accountability for both public and private sector academic institutions. Our team examines the most recent developments, offers current models for each of the major approaches to accountability, and is successful in identifying their suitability for implementation. The development of various national and supra-national accreditation systems is currently being formulated as a possible response to an increasingly internationalized and deregulated higher education sector. Though, the establishment of such procedures may have unintended consequences, not least with respect to limiting the diversity of academic sector. By researching a number of accreditation reports in the field of research, our team deliberates whether this procedure manages to balance the need for minimum standards with demands related to institutional diversity and development. Our experts will perform in depth analysis of existing institutional paradigm, devise solid and effective interventions and help top management to implement those interventions. Finally they end up with successful accreditation of your school and institution.