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Academic Trainings

Research Capacity Building Programs:

The Research Capacity Building program is a demand-driven project launched by the
Penflux Training and development to support research institutions based and working all
around the Globe to address their needs with an aim to raise and strengthen their
research and outreach skills in a sustainable manner.

Our main focus is to develop and strengthen
the analytical skills of individuals and
institutions to help them undertake rigorous
research, to encourage networking and
constructive engagement in a peer-learning
environment, to increase the ability of
researchers and institutions in these countries
to provide timely, reliable and evidence-based
policy options, to create a network of
institutions to share best practices and training
materials with other institutions.

Teaching Skills Effectiveness Programs:

What are the factors which make the difference between teaching that works and
teaching that fails? The factor that contributes the most is the quality of the teacher-
student relationship. It’s more important than what the teacher is teaching or who the
teacher is trying to teach.

                                                  Penflux offers teachers the essential
                                                  communication and conflict resolution skills
                                                  they need to have high quality relationships
                                                  with their students so there will be less conflict
                                                  and more teaching-learning time. This model
                                                  has worked for hundreds of thousands of
                                                  teachers around the world.

Programs for Assessment of learning outcomes:

The assessment of learning outcomes at the program level has been a topic of international
interest as a method for quality assessment and ongoing program quality enhancement.
Intentionally assessing your own program level learning outcomes can be of great benefit,
as can effective and well planned assessment, to ensure that students learn the most
important skills, ideas, attitudes, and values of the discipline or profession. Institutions can
use these analyses to help meet their mission and strengthen arguments for increased
funding or for allocation of resources. The information from assessing program level
learning outcomes may help satisfy the requirements of accrediting and funding agencies,
will inform various accountability-driven decisions, and recognize time and resources spent
on learner engagement strategies that align to learning outcomes and assessment.
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