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Our Business Functions

                                                     Penflux Events and Expos

                                                           In the tradition of Penflux Events and Expos,
                                                           different exhibitions, expos and seminars take place
                                                           internationally. With several years of experience,
                                                           Penflux is the platform for those businesses and
                                                           organizations who plan to prosper globally.

                                                           Through its wide array of information and advisory
                                                           services, Penflux events and expos play a crucial role
                                                           as an enabler for foreign and local businesses that
                                                           wish to start or expand their operations
                                                           internationally. And to build upon these capabilities,
                                                           Penflux is deeply committed to its role as a catalyst
                                                           to foster investments across different countries.
                                                           Penflux Events and Expos continue to create new
                                                           networks, services and competitive investment
                                                           incentives offered by different authority bodies.

                   Our Trainings

                   Academic Trainings

Penflux puts together a team of experts, staffed by
professionals with exactly the right skills and education
management experience. Also, we cater to their training and
development needs matching their roles in educational
institutes and assess their performance accordingly.

                   Corporate Trainings

Developing an effective training program for individuals or
groups is vital to the long-term success of any organization.
Penflux Training programs provide several benefits for
workforce and the firm or company, but only if they are
carefully planned and properly implemented. Clear
understanding of policies, job functions, goals and company
philosophy lead to increased motivation, morale and
productivity for employees, and higher profits for your
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