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Curriculum Development

Curriculum has its own significant role mainly because of its prospective impacts on learners. Penflux curriculum development experts are intended to provide some general instructions to academia to develop or revise their curriculum according to international quality standards. Our experts provide an overview of the curriculum development process and facilitate a series of steps to be followed in curriculum developments. The fundamental purpose of curriculum development is to certify that learners receive combined, articulated learning experiences that contribute towards their personal, academic and professional development. The design and development of curriculum for courses, topics, major and minor sequences should be rooted in how the educational experience contributes to learners development. Development include certain qualities provided by a key reference points for the curriculum development process. These qualities must be related to the conceptual frameworks, language and practices of the learners field of study through quality learning experiences. This standard curriculum development process will lead toward certification of institution/department by the top accreditation agencies in the world.