Penflux is global business consulting, learning services and professional development solutions provider that serves leading businesses, governments, non-governmental and not-for-profits organizations.

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Academic Consultancy


Academic Consultancy Services

Penflux offers a dedicated practice of experts with on-the-ground experience across multiple industries and projects in education strategy, reform, innovation and implementation. Our wide range of experience as strategic advisors to the education industry is unmatched, with knowledge that spans all levels of education including higher, vocational and professional education across both public and private sectors. Our education management team has an extensive track record in the Overall Management of Academies, Colleges and Universities all around the Globe.

Innovation and Development

Penflux focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration which are essential to prepare the research agenda for future goals. We promote learning, creativity & innovation by demonstrating originality and resourcefulness in work...
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Curriculum Development

Curriculum has its own significant role mainly because of its prospective impacts on learners. Penflux curriculum development experts are intended to provide some general instructions to academia to develop or revise their curriculum according to...
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Ranking of Universities

With contributions from leading experts in the field, Penflux team research on the principles and guidelines for effective accountability for institutions, colleges, and universities. Achieving accountability in Higher Education clarifies the ...
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Campus Management Softwares

Our Penflux team strive to create solutions and products that ensure tremendous benefits for our clients, give immense pride to us, and make a positive and perceptible change to the academic institutions. We look forward to be a leading educational ...
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Establishment of New Degree Programs

Degree programs at any academic institution plays the role of pillars, so they must be of exceptional quality; Our experts perform in depth analysis of existing institutional paradigm, devise solid...
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