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Research Capacity Building Programs

Structural Equation modelling using AMOS


This Training Program is a brief introduction and overview of structural equation modeling using the AMOS (Analysis of Moment Structures) software. Structural equation modeling (SEM) encompasses such diverse statistical techniques as path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, causal modeling with latent variables, and even analysis of variance and multiple linear regression. The workshop features an introduction to the logic of SEM, the assumptions and required input for SEM analysis, and how to perform SEM analyses using AMOS. By the end of this Training you should be able to fit structural equation models using AMOS. You will also gain an appreciation for the types of research questions well-suited to SEM and an overview of the assumptions underlying SEM methods. You should already know how to conduct a multiple linear regression analysis using SAS, SPSS, or a similar general statistical software package. You should also understand how to interpret the output from a multiple linear regression analysis. Finally, you should understand basic Microsoft Windows navigation operations: opening files and folders, saving your work, recalling previously saved work, etc.

Content of AMOS Training will be::

  • Introduction
  • SEM Basics
  • Building and testing a model using AMOS

Who Should Attend?

  • Faculty Members and Staffs
  • Research Associates
  • University Students
  • Employees of Government institutions
  • Researchers working in market
  • Market research firms
  • NGOs
  • R&D departments


Date will be announced soon ...

Registration Details:

Workshop registration fee is $400. Registrants are responsible for all travel and hotel accommodations