Penflux is global business consulting, learning services and professional development solutions provider that serves leading businesses, governments, non-governmental and not-for-profits organizations.

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House # 15, Street # 09, D - 17 Islamabad Phone:+923455977779, 051-2229747
Phone: +923455977779, 051-2229747 Email:

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Real Estate Marketing Services

Penflux Consulting provides the highest quality of service and value to our clients for their real estate investments in Pakistan and abroad. We provide business consulting and real-estate marketing services in many countries including Dubai, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Turkey, U.K and Pakistan."

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Creating Value and Building the Future

Our Mission

Our Mission is very vast, our ambition is to serve our customers by understanding their culture to help them in development and execution of strategy to...

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  • Corporate Trainings
    • Workforce Development Trainings
    • Financial Trainings
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    • Project Management
    • Leadership Trainings
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  • Academic Trainings
    • Research Capacity Building Programs
    • Teaching Skills Effectiveness Programs
    • Programs for Assessment of learning outcomes
    • Faculty Development Programs
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  • Academic Consultancy
    • Innovation and Development
    • Curriculum development
    • Ranking of University
    • Campus Management Software
    • Establishment of Department
  • Corporate Consultancy
    • Research Capacity Building Programs
    • Teaching Skills Effectiveness Programs
    • Programs for Assessment of learning outcomes
    • Project Management
    • Faculty Development Programs
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Penflux Expo 2016 In the tradition of Penflux Events and Expos, different exhibitions, expos, seminars take place internationally. With several years of experience, Penflux is the platform for those businesses and organizations who plan to prosper globally. Through its wide array of information and advisory services, Penflux events and expos plays a crucial role as an enabler for foreign and local businesses that wish to start or expand their operations internationally. And to build upon these capabilities, Penflux is deeply committed in its role as a catalyst to foster investments across different countries.Penflux Events and Expos continue to create new networks, services and competitive investment incentives offered by different authority bodies.

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